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3611 the Beheeyem
Other Names: Sweetheart (By 2111), Superior (When she was Superior), Loser and lots of inappropriate names (By Her Clique)
Gender: Female
Ability: Analytic
Nature: Quiet
Trainer: None. She's a wild pokemon.
Occupation: Solder-In-Training at the Armada (She quit) and was the Superior (was overthrown)
Pokeball: None. She's a wild pokemon.
Mother Beheeyem
Father Beheeyem
Two Beheeyem sisters (3609 and 3610)
2111 the Beheeyem (Ex mate.)

Hyper Beam
Shadow Ball

3611 started life from a clutch of three eggs. She had two other sisters 3609 and 3610. She got along well with her sisters, but they out bested her and got better grades in the training academy, then 3611 herself. Her sisters received the compliments and encouragement, as 3611 hardly got any encouragement. She figured that her sisters did so well that nobody would care if she underachieved. Because of this, 3611 became an academic dropout. She was eventually kicked out of her own family and was told to never return until she did something with her life by bringing home some decent grandkids.

3611 was taken in by her friend who was heading off of her own after graduating from the training academy. Unfortunately 3611 ended up being the "friend that nobody likes", since her friend was a popular Elgyem and had several friends. 3611 just hung around with the group trying to fit in, but she hardly understood half of their jokes, was often the victim for their pranks, and was treated like a Trubbish. The group decided to register for the Galactic Armada and they were in.

After a while of training 3611 often met and trained alongside the female Superior 423. Because she hardly got any affection or praise when she was young, she would often try to hug others when they were down, to the point that she cuts off circulation. 423 titled her as the most affectionate female Elgyem.

After a while 2111 had completed his training as a commander for the armada, and it was time for him to have an assigned mate. 2111 pleaded that he'd stay single, but 321 insisted that he'd be assigned (Because 321 was getting jealous that he noticed that 2111 was having a crush on his mate 423) and his selected mate was 3611.

3611 greets him by checking out his body and takes notice on the scar on his face, telling him that "Now I know why the Superiors assigned me to you. That scar on your face; you've been through several tough battles have you? You're hot!" She was oblivious to the fact about where 2111 received his scar from. The pairing didn't hit it off well from the start, as 3611 still stayed at the cabin where her friends are, yet promptly changed her mind when they asked who her mate was. Two of her friends laughed at her saying that "they went with that pathetic loser to school."

The next day 3611 gently (and shamefully) asks 2111 if she could live with him. 2111 was hesitant, but he agrees to it. When she enters, she realizes that he has a drinking problem, when she saw the empty bottles in the recycling bin. She doesn't say a word about it. When she starts living with him, her behavior changes, and she picks up some quirks from 2111.

2111 was motivated to do things for her, like tidying up their home and changing the nest material with fresh material, and getting a brand new blanket big enough for the both of them. He drank alcohol a bit less, however this didn't last.

3611 caused 2111's evolution after a battle with Clefairys after he saved her. She kissed him which triggered his early evolution. She evolved a while afterwards in her sleep. While dreaming she said that she got the energy from the dream that caused her evolution. 3611 still pals around with her group of friends, but not as much as she used to. 2111 often eats his meals alone instead of with his mate because he believes that she is popular when she hangs around with her clique, and he didn't wanna ruin her reputation by being with her. He is unaware that 3611 is the one that's often left out and teased behind her back.

3611 was the first to notice 2111 go into a deep state of depression that lasted for about two weeks, and brought this to the attention of 423 and 321 the Superiors. 2111 was forced to see a shrink, but it did not help his emotional state. Eventually they argued often, until 2111 got fired from the armada. 3611 was emotionally manipulated by her mate 2111, that they trained together and defeated their Superiors. They both became Superiors themselves, but their reign didn't last long. 2111 kidnapped pokemon from another planet and brought them to Psybemu. 423 learned of this scandal and exiled 2111 to Earth. 3611 played no part in this crime thus she didn't get the boot.

3611's personality is quiet and over friendly at times. She keeps to herself away from others, and has slight antisocial behavior. When she was an Elgyem, she was over affectionate, but after she evolved that behavior halted. She is still affectionate towards 2111, however. When it comes to genes, she carries the rare beauty gene which causes her eyes to be a different color then average females, her head markings to be tipped at the ends, have a wider coat length, and her collar has curls at the ends of them. She is unaware of this gene, but her friends are slightly jealous of her beauty. Because she dropped out of the training academy, she believes she's stupid and doesn't know anything. Like her mate 2111, she has low self worth. Although 2111 and her mated frequently, 3611 doesn't have any desire to have any Elgyems of her own. She is unaware that 2111 is infertile, and if she did find out she wouldn't care. 3611 loved her mate just the way he was, but she's unsure if he felt the same way about her.

Currently, 3611 is still living the single life on Psybemu, as she quit the military and living alone. Several single males are pursuing her to be their mate, but she ignores them. She is debating if she should go to earth to check up on her mate 2111, or be reassigned to another mate.

*She is 28 years old.
*3611's original number was 2311. In the process of typing up the story line for An Alien's Choice" which took several days to ALMOST complete, I threw her number randomly and forgot about it, the next day while typing up the script and forgot her number. Her original number is in the printed outdated story line of AAC, but has been revised in the updated on my desktop.
*2111 has never said "I love you" to her even once. The reason for this is because he's afraid to and he doesn't know what love his.
*3611 is into bondage. I figured this would be vital to bond (quite literally) 3611 and 2111 together. Bondage requires trust, which is the issue with 2111. Although 2111 doesn't understand it, he does it to make her happy.
*Contrary to belief, 2111 didn't "love" 3611 for her beauty, as he is oblivious to this beauty gene. He liked her for who she was and to be the only female other then 423 to actually like him, and not run away. He's fearful of losing her.
*She is a loud and angry self-loathing drunk.
*She's learned to pick up on 2111's phrases. When he says: "I'm gonna go take a shower" he really means: "I'm gonna cry in the shower, with the water turned on. Leave me alone.'" and she copies him at times when she feels down, imitating his phrases.
*Her sisters did not inherit the rare beauty gene.
*She likes 2111's scars because she believes that he's a tough fighter with good genes, and gives him a robust appearance.
By god, I have so many Beheeyem OC's :| (Reggie, 2111, 321, 423, this, and 2048... and unintroduced Ferdinand)

But here is 3611's bio. Like some others, I wanted to keep her as a background character, but since 2111 will be in AAC and is getting some character development so i decided for her, "why not?"

Sorry if her bio is a bit awkward when it comes to the trivia section ^^;

Like 2111, her bio will be updated during and after the events of AAC, so enjoy! EDITED 11/12/12! Added things after the events of AAC and added her age.

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