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The Cerebral Pokémon
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The Story Of Hellfire Ch. 3 (part 2) unfinished
(December 15th, 2835: Dos and Pinkie approached Hellfire with their laser cannons. Hellfire immediately went away from the bomb).
Dos: Pinkie, try to disable the bomb!
Pinkie: On it!
Hellfire: Dos, please you don’t understand!
Dos: I do, I’m just keeping out my laser so you don’t do anything else. You’re brainwashed by that reich I heard of that night.
Hellfire: were there?
Dos: I saw everything. The flag and that portal with that weird metal thing.
Hellfire: Did you see the blue-eyed diskbot there too?
Dos: Everything.
Hellfire: We need to save her. She’s my girlfriend. We’ve been together for years, and the reich is holding her to ransom, to make me wipe you guys out.
Dos: Why?!
Hellfire: It’s hard to explain, but to start off with: 25 years from now, the world will be in peril. Missiles will drop onto large cities, skies will forever be red and black, fire and brimstone, and the reich with it’s trillion drone army would wipe
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Seimei no Shan AO Chapter 004
Seimei no Shan AO
Written by: SeiferA
Chapter 004: Airship Encounter! The Path To Become A Skyer!
Inside a dark office, many figure heads wearing professional business suits sat around a large round table, with a lone circular monitor in the middle. As they sat, some of which twidling their thumbs, a large series of doors opened wide, revealing several individuals whom seemed like bodyguards around one particular individual.
The individual in particular wore what looked to be an old fashion top hat with a similar suit to the ones the other men were wearing. His facial features showed he was an older gentlemen with white side burns and a mustache that covered his entire mouth. His dark black eyes seemed rather neutral as he twirled around a large black cane for a bit before entering inside, using the cane as support.
“Sir Howard Chaplin.”, the entire group answered as they immediately g
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Where to start? This ep was one of the best I’ve seen, but most in particular the last segment “Yo-kai Kaeri Tie.”

-Nate’s Maturity

I think this is one of the few eps we actually see Nate in a mature light. This guy is literally losing all of his friends, because he wants them to be happy. Jibanyan wants to go home because he misses his old owner Amy, and wants to live with her again, Hidebat wants to go back home, and so do the slipper couple (Seriously, I forgot they live in Nate’s house now. Can they make more anime cameo’s please?)

The only one who didn’t leave was Whisper (though how the ep ended it’s strongly implied that he was homesick, but didn’t wanna mention it, because Nate was sad. Really… you consider that gashipon your home? I shouldn’t be surprised. He did mention in the 2nd game that he liked staying in there.)

Nate didn’t hold back from stopping them. He was empathetic. No “don’t leave” or anything else, just “if that made you happy, then you can go.”  No guilt tripping, or crying neither. Nate is a selfish character who has, on many occasions, used yo-kai for his own selfish needs, and to see this not only shocked me but broke my heart. After they left, he seemed to struggle holding back how he really felt about them leaving, though Whisper picked up on it right away.

-Nate actually treating Whisper with respect.

Wow, just wow. I’VE WAITED 9000 YEARS! Just them having a small chat outside the porch and Whisper knowing how he felt and how he won’t leave, and for them to LEGITIMATELY HUG shortly afterwards. We all know how Nate treats Whisper all the time, even how he treated him in the former segment “Whisper Runs Away” (I still hate him for that), but I think after this ep, under his jerkass exterior, he does care for him.

-You (might) feel bad for Jerry.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Jerry. I don’t care that he’s an american stereotype in the show, cause I see this often in media. I only disike him because he is severely annoying. I like him when he was used as the foil (On ep 149) or in very small doses.

Now for this episode, it’s kinda hard to not feel bad for him, because Tomnyan felt homesick enough to go back to the USA. Seeing Jerry sitting out on his porch holding Tomnyan’s guitar with that sad face, broke my heart. That’s when I realized that Tomnyan and Jerry moved to Japan from the USA together to start a new life, and that was his only friend in the neighborhood to speak to.

-Nate got a medal, not out of defeating a yo-kai, but because of his love for his yo-kai friends.
What more is there to say? We know the same old formula: Nate sees something weird with someone/something, it’s a yo-kai, it’s defeated and he often gets their medal (some eps he doesn’t get a medal, even after defeating them).

This one made a twist, and more like a nod to the earlier eps of season 1, where Nate earned their friendship, instead of kicking their butt with comedic antics. Though in the end, Jibanyan, Tomnyan, Hidabat, and the slipper couple (what are their names?) came back and Kaeri Tie joined them to give Nate his medal. It was one well earned <3

After all of that, this may be one of my fav eps of the anime, but not high enough to bump ep 47 from the #1 spot. Just maybe one of the top 5.

I'm not gonna mention the other two segments that were shown before this segment, because it was just their usual antics.

Well, that’s concludes all my gushing for this episode. Can’t wait for next week’s ep, which features my favorite nyan of them all: Nyanmajo!!
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Hey, I'm Magaly (or Maggie) and I'm a comic artist. As a warning, some of my work may contain some mature topics/language, so if you're offended, then I'm not the right person for you to watch. You have been warned. Otherwise, enjoy the landfill of a gallery I've got. I'm a rather shy person, and rarely comment/reply if I don't know you very well, so please don't be upset if I don't respond. I do accept and welcome critiques!

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