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The Cerebral Pokémon
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Yum :iconfishlover:Fishlover 6 3
A Tale of Two Butlers: Page 81 :iconfishlover:Fishlover 16 15 A Tale of Two Butlers: Page 80 :iconfishlover:Fishlover 11 1 Crystala, Zapp, and Marina :iconfishlover:Fishlover 22 7 BASKET :iconfishlover:Fishlover 26 6 Valentine :iconfishlover:Fishlover 22 5 Snow Warning :iconfishlover:Fishlover 31 5 Alolan Vulpix :iconfishlover:Fishlover 62 5 The Persistence of Light :iconfishlover:Fishlover 15 3 A Tale of Two Butlers: Page 79 :iconfishlover:Fishlover 16 6 Crystala and Zapp :iconfishlover:Fishlover 13 1 Adele, Echo, Kirala, and Marina :iconfishlover:Fishlover 16 2 MEAT! :iconfishlover:Fishlover 16 2 Sandwich :iconfishlover:Fishlover 20 6 A Tale of Two Butlers: Page 78 :iconfishlover:Fishlover 15 4 Zapp Expressions :iconfishlover:Fishlover 26 3
Super Dos: Page 45
Storyboard: Life
Recover: Page 4


Whisper Medal :iconwhisbaba:Whisbaba 2 0 Dark/Kuroi Jibanyan :iconkomasantaffy:KomasanTaffy 11 3 commission 124 4 sonicthecaptain :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 48 15 Whisper- Yo-Kai Watch :iconthenewblu:TheNewBlu 4 0 Yokai Watch - Train :iconalsanya:AlSanya 10 2 COLLECTION - Update :iconsou-the-cat:Sou-the-Cat 4 0 Large Gumdramon :iconmagnastorm:MagnaStorm 490 26 Linnie the Giraffaroo Plush :iconnoxxplush:NoxxPlush 258 30 Sorbet Wolpertinger :iconmagnastorm:MagnaStorm 554 17 Group Photo || Doodle With Hydra :iconhghydra:HGHydra 3 1 Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Relaxing :iconarcaneavis:ArcaneAvis 319 12 Beautifowl, the Noblesse Fakemon :iconatmaflare:AtmaFlare 46 14 Mermarize, the River Dolphin Fakemon :iconatmaflare:AtmaFlare 38 22 Storm Watch :icondukestewart:DukeStewart 6,884 510 Mega houndoom plush :icontaro994:taro994 3 0 Wyngro: Hurt me :iconcherries:Cherries 11 6

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74 deviants said :bulletblue: Team Popplio!
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An Alien Caper Guide

:star: The 'Alien Caper' series is a comic collaboration between Fishlover and Volts48 using some of the characters from the 'Dynamic Panic' comic series, and putting them in an alternate universe set in the 1940's-1950's, along with some new characters meant for this world. The main characters in this world are detectives solving murder mysteries. Be warned that this specific comic series contain situations that are darker then the DP series.

Slip of the Gun: An Alien Caper
Slip of the Gun: An Alien Caper (Comic Cover) by Fishlover
Murders have been going around in the slums of San Francisco recently. After Miriam gets a promotion, she is partnered up with a hot-headed alien detective named Reginald, who isn't too thrilled with the partnership. With help from Wilson the Garbodor, the two pick up the clues to find out who is the murderer.
This comic is completed!

An Alien Caper 2: K-9 Division
An Alien Caper 2: K-9 Division (Comic Cover) by Fishlover
Saved from his final days at the local pound, Gir the Herdier is given a second chance by training to be a Canine officer. He is partnered with our hotheaded alien detective Reginald, and his detective-in-training Charlie the shiny Charizard. Recently, there's a heist going on around the city and a string of robberies have been linked to a local gang. The team will have to find out who the leader of this crime ring is before time runs out...
This comic is completed!



What pose should I have three of my yokai watch ocs in?
Sat Feb 4, 2017, 5:43 PM
Hi santa!
Fri Dec 23, 2016, 3:16 PM
I was here #santa :P
Fri Dec 23, 2016, 12:00 PM
Who is having fun with either Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, or both?
Mon Nov 24, 2014, 5:04 PM
I have a normal DS. Does that count? o3o
Tue Oct 28, 2014, 3:40 AM


Commission Status:
1. :iconblackjack-crobat: Pokesonas in my secret base :work: 20%
2. :iconstitchlovergirl96: Papyrus & Sh'leeah couple pose :work: Coloring 15%

I've been on hiatus, cause my health crashed again X) I also haven't been drawing much at all. I'm also recovering from a bruised arm, since the nurses had a hard time trying to find a vein to put a needle in.
To those who have commissioned me, I've only been drawing those. Thank you for your patience! I shall have them up before my trip to Anime Boston.
  • Listening to: Keep On (2017) ~ AiM
  • Watching: Yo-kai Watch: Episode 161
  • Playing: Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi Version
  • Drinking: water


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey, I'm Magaly (or Maggie) and I'm a comic artist. As a warning, some of my work may contain some mature topics/language, so if you're offended, then I'm not the right person for you to watch. You have been warned. Otherwise, enjoy the landfill of a gallery I've got. I'm a rather shy person, and rarely comment/reply if I don't know you very well, so please don't be upset if I don't respond. I do accept and welcome critiques!

My Favorite Pokemon:
Beheeyem by CreepyJellyfish Elgyem by CreepyJellyfish Furfrou by CreepyJellyfish Trubbish by CreepyJellyfish Garbodor by CreepyJellyfish
Watchog by CreepyJellyfish Mudkip by CreepyJellyfish X/Y Shaymin (Sky) Cursor by mid0456 Pyroar by CreepyJellyfish Rotom by CreepyJellyfish

Current Residence: Massachusetts

Other Locations:
Youtube:… (FinkipGirl)
Tumblr: (LaSpider) Cause Fishlover was taken...
Facebook :facebook: Close Friends Only! Ask!

Email: Don't ask; won't tell.

4167-4671-6787 This friend code no longer works.

3DS Japanese:
:new: 0920-4502-5853


Dynamic Panic Guide

Dynamic Panic Series
Dynamic Panic Series
Follow the full stories of the two teams from Unova that started it all. The adventures of Miju, Zaphod, Zidane, Wilson, Jade, Mimi, Kiki, Reggie, Petal, The Superior, 2111, Ivy, and many more in their antics of life!
More Superior Then You
(321 and 423)
321 and 423 start their lives together, but conflict arises when they become the Superiors of their home planet Psybemu. 321 deals with the loss of his mother, and 423 starts doubting herself on her new job.
(Predicted amount of pages: +60-90?)
A Journey Begins
(Miju (Oshawott), Zaphod (Patrat), Zidane (Joltik), Romeo (Tepig), and Jade (Snivy).)
The story of how Dynamic panic began. Mags arrives from the Hoenn region with her pokemon team and is invited to Dass'es birthday party. Meanwhile Zaphod kicked out of his own mob, tries to find a trainer to take him in.
(Predicted amount of pages: +40?)
The Show Must Go On
(Zaphod, Wilson, Miju, Zidane, Ivy)

Dynamic Panic is a collection of several amusing oneshot comics of the adventures of Miju the Dewott and the gang in their hilarious antics across (and in some cases beyond) the Unova region.

Character Bios Guide:…
Dynamic Panic Oneshots Guide:…

:star:Full Length Comics:star:

1. More Superior Than You
More Superior Than You Cover (Remake) by Fishlover
321 and 423 start their lives together, but conflict arises when they become the Superiors of their home planet Psybemu. 321 deals with the loss of his mother, and 423 starts doubting herself on her new job. Together they both try to bring peace to their home planet Psybemu, after the previous Superiors have left the planet with a negative reputation.
:bulletred:This comic started on July 2nd, 2013!:bulletred:

2. A Journey Begins
A Journey Begins Cover by Fishlover
The story of how Dynamic panic began. Mags arrives from the Hoenn region with her pokemon team and is invited to Dass'es birthday party. Meanwhile, Zaphod is kicked out of his own mob, and tries to find a trainer to take him in.
:bulletgreen:This comic is completed!:bulletgreen:

3. The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On Teaser Poster by Fishlover (Teaser...)
Sick of losing several battles, Zaphod the Watchog falls in love with pokemon musicals, but he has to deal with a hot tempered Cinccino named Ivy who has a crush on him. Will our small hero make it to the top?

4. Reunion
Reunion Cover by Fishlover
It's been years since Mimi has seen her family, and she dreads for the family reunion coming up. Reggie on the other hand is excited for her and makes things worse, as Jade knows about her past at the breeding facility. Mimi's sisters are there, and it seems that they haven't changed. Will she ever gain the respect from her father as she desires?
:bulletyellow:This comic will start after "More Superior Than You"!:bulletyellow:

5. Heartbreak
Heartbreak Teaser Poster by Fishlover (Teeeeaaaasssseeeerrr)
Wilson wonders why Gretchen the Grimer isn't spending time with him. Eventually he falls ill after she taints his food, and he recovers in a hospital from his health and his heartbreak.

6. Castelia City Mall
Castelia City Mall Teaser Poster by Fishlover (Yes, another teaser.)
Wilson the Trubbish starts his job at the Castelia City mall as a security guard, and develops a crush on Kiki the shiny Trubbish.

7. Psychic Flames
Psychic Flames Cover by Fishlover
After a Pokemon testing facility shuts down, a fearful Munna named Petal, adjusts to life with a trainer and makes close friends with Reggie. During that time, Petal recovers from emotional trauma that she was left with from her brief stay at the laboratory.
:bulletgreen:This comic is completed!:bulletgreen:

8. An Alien's Tail
An Alien's Tail Cover by Fishlover
Overcome with homesickness, Reggie the Beheeyem is acting differently then usual. Mimi plans to get to the bottom of it, and asks Reggie where he came from. Reggie tells his story of his past, his planet, his origins, and what caused his exile, in a memory out of this world.
:bulletgreen:This comic is completed!:bulletgreen:

9. Scars That Don't Fade
Scars That Don't Fade Cover by Fishlover
While being forced to see a shrink about his depression and alcoholism, 2111 tells his tale of bullying at the training academy, and his unhappy life behind closed doors. A midquel that leads to the events of "An Alien's Choice."
:bulletyellow:This comic will start after "Reunion"!:bulletyellow:

10: An Alien's Choice
An Alien's Choice Cover by Fishlover
The female Superior 423 has send 2048 in a mission: to find 3142 (Reggie). When he is found, Reggie is informed that his exile from Psybemu has been lifted, and is welcome to return home. However, there's a problem he has to leave his trainer. Reggie makes the heart wrenching decision to leave Earth to go to Psybemu. He soon find out that his team was abducted, and he runs into an old enemy, 2111...
:bulletgreen:This comic is completed!:bulletgreen:


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